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Environment Health and Safety Sustainability

At Xerox, sustainability is our way of doing business. We have aligned our goals for the environment and health and safety in five key areas to make an impact across our value chain worldwide. Together with our suppliers, customers, and stakeholders we strive to maintain the highest standards to preserve our environment and protect and enhance the health and safety of our employees and communities.
Xerox Environment Health and Safety governance and policy
Environmental solutions that work (PDF)

Reduce energy use to protect our climate
We reduce carbon emissions by cutting energy use in Xerox facilities and provide energy-efficient products and solutions to our customers.
Preserve biodiversity and the world's forests
Xerox works with partners to advance a sustainable paper cycle through environmentally sound paper offerings, advances in forest management standards, and products and services that reduce offices' dependency on paper.
Preserve clean air and clean water
We are committed to eliminating the use of toxic materials and heavy metals from our product supply chain.
Prevent and manage waste
Xerox products are designed to use resources efficiently—minimising waste, and reusing or recycling materials.
Ensure health and safety
Xerox creates safe and efficient products, maintains a safe workplace for our people, supports health and wellness programs, and reduces injury and exposure to hazardous materials.

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